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A picture truly is worth a thousand words. In real estate photos are of the utmost importance. No one starts looking at a home by reading the description. They start by looking at the photos, then if something jumps out at them they might check the text for more specific information about the property.


A standard photo in today's environment conveys that a property is, well, standard.


But there is so much more that can be done with the use of a good camera, some software, and a little know how. With a little extra effort you can produce exceptional photos that please the eye and wow the reader.


Compare these three photos:

This one is pretty bad, but it is a real photo that I pulled off of the MLS. Agents use photos like this.


This is a pretty decent photo that I took with standard settings on a high quality camera.


This photo is done with HDR photography. Colors are much deeper and does the property justice.

In reality the second photo is actually pretty good, but once you compare it to the third photo it certainly leaves much to be desired. The third photo is clear, crisp, and has deeper colors. Just check out the difference in the sky. Those two photos where actually taken within a few minutes of each other.

Compare these two sets of photos:




Again, the first set of photos are actually pretty decent photos, but you will still see that the color is bland and the windows are too bright and washed out. Which photos would you rather have to represent your property?


Are you a homeowner in the Riverside Area? We would love to provide a free set of photographs to help you market your property. Give Richard a call at 951-977-3190 for more information.

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